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Monty Luke - Tomorrow [EP]

Motor City's Monty Luke has broke bread with a rich history bestowed onto very few producers today. Rolling his sleeves in the aboriginal epicenter of techno, Monty along with his hometown heroes have relentlessly remained underground keeping Motown's spark from dying out. Often noted as the legendary Carl Craig's right hand man, Luke has made many cameo appearances on his longstanding infamous label offshoot Planet E Communications. Later taking the reins on himself as manager and releasing his first EP Art, Love & War. Qualified would be an understatement as Monty launched an imprint of his own last year marked Black Catalogue. Pure at its heart the label stands for only the raw and genuine, pressing vinyl is a given. The debute release Tomorrow marks his third solo and will be rereleased in digital for the rest to devour this May 8th. An eclectic EP encompassing all of the noise Detroit techno has to offer. Beds of lush synths for only the most vital and finely tuned layers of drum lines to lay on. A complete circuit of sounds, electronic to some, but organic to the ears of Detroit.

(BC001) Black Catalogue: Monty Luke - Tomorrow EP

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