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DJ Sliink - "Woah Black Betty"

DJ Sliink is back at it, tossing his remix game left and right. Those keeping tabs on him know that he frequently churns out tracks for his fans to chew into. His style tends to lean towards the rap and hip-hop side more than anything, which is more than fine with me. One of his latest blends is "Woah Black Betty." Taking the original song "Black Betty" by Ram Jam, he successfully adds major weight to the song. While looping specific samples of the original, he adds a booming bass and a rap style rhythm to complement. Honestly, there isn't too much to this remix. It's just a great remix to which anyone can head-bang and hand-throw at any time of the time. The heaviness of the song is what really captured me and sucked me into the song, as well as the perfect looped vocals.

Time to hit the gym.

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