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Curumin - "Selvage"

Today, I bring you a little taste of the music south of the equator. Curumin, who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, infuses samba, funk, jazz, and hip hop into his music. With said styles, this makes for a unique sound with plenty of Latin American influence. Sung entirely in Portuguese, I have no idea what he sings about in any of his songs. I can only rely on my rusty Spanish to somewhat translate his lyrics.

"Selvage," which I think loosely translates into "wild" or "savage," is a catchy track. You can definitely hear the Brazilian influence in this song, as well as any other tunes of his. The track incorporates a beatbox-eque rhythm while djembes dip in and out of the tune. "Selvage" is an unusual song of the bunch, resonating a strong hip hop and electronic feel while his other work is rather low-key in that sense. Regardless if you can understand the Portuguese or not, keep and open mind and give "Selvage" a listen. And while you are at it, listen to his other past tracks. Curumin is doing some fine work down in the Braz.

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