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Add-2 - "Ain't Sh*t Change"

Still riding high off the momentum from his Save.Our.Souls mixtape, Chicago's Add-2 had released a new track bluntly titled "Ain't Shit Changed." On the record, the modest wordsmith shows off his proven lyrical ability as he delivers some anecdotal raps, mulls over the state of hip hop and briefly waxes nostalgic. During the course of the song, Add-2 pulls no punches going so far as to coolly rap:

You can have rap back, but please bury me with hip hop / food for thought I got is fresh and never need a ziplock / 3 of my favorite rappers are dead resting in heaven / And your favorite rapper wearing leopard print leggings / Nigga please, you and me, we aint cut from the same cloth / I listen to B-I you listen to Rick Ross No wonder these kids lost, they don’t even know what dope is / In the inner city they don’t even know what hope is...

Check out the track produced by Rightz which reportedly will be featured on The Hip Hop Project's upcoming City Of Salvation: The Best Of Add-2. If you haven't already, download Add-2's Save.Our.Souls mixtape.

      Add-2 - Ain't Shit Changed
Download: Add-2 - Ain't Shit Change



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