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Anthony Ellect - Beverly Inn [EP]

Pre-script: Don't jump down my throat for tagging this as dubstep. Moving on, I was pouring over Bandcamp today (big surprise there) and came across Anthony Ellect when I searched for bands with the genre tag: sex. I've had mild success with this in the past (see: HUNGR), but could not have been more happily surprised when I pressed play and heard the track "Debt" off his latest Beverly Inn EP (April 25).

      01 Debt
Download: Anthony Ellect - Debt

We know a bit of the formula: white noise, or some kind of organ, a bit of crisp, atypical percussion, sprinkle in some cut-up, pitch shifted vox. Voila, you've got an experimental dubstep track. But that's so surface oriented. Not to get deep here, but tracks are relative to whatever you're experiencing or feeling at the moment. Me: I'm tired, I'm hungry, ready for college to be over, pissed, I should probably shave.

      02 Fancy
Download: Anthony Ellect - Fancy

And this is the soundtrack of that. "Fancy" catches you off with a 1-2-3-and-4 beat that's a little more structured than "Debt" but with the same spacey, sexy, vibes that chill you (me) out. And I think the chopped and screwed vocals are better employed on this track as well.

      03 Lone Hold
Download: Anthony Ellect - Lone Hold

"Lone Hold," is probably my favorite. I have a big spot in my heart for backwards intros, tin-sounding beats, and 8-bit bass drums. Sorry ladies, that's what I'm holding out for. Anyways, a gentle wobble from a mid-register bass adds a lot of depth and punch to "Lone Hold", that might've fallen flat if it was just dependent on the earlier things I mentioned.

All and all, it's a great EP from an up-and-coming LA-based artist. You should go out and like him on Facebook, download the record here (or on Bandcamp), and just sit back, enjoy. Peace. And have a safe TT.

Dubstep · Experimental


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