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Manicanparty - "Monarch"

Almost exactly a month ago Manicanparty emerged from the chasms of nowhere to the forefront of many "Pop" idealist's playlists with their debut single "Rebels in the Light." The best part about this is that Manicanparty isn't particularly Pop, per say. In fact, it's hard to pigeonhole them into any particular genre. The audacity has been mustered by some to make comparisons to Fun. (which is particularly bold), yet their lead singer is female, and their music isn't manufactured for Indie-Hipster tweens who need a crowd-pleasing backdrop for their Bat Mitzvah. Simply put, Manicanparty is Indie music at it's finest.

Their new single "Monarch" exhibits the same percussive backdrops and uplifting support vocals that "Rebels in the Light" displayed, but the track takes a more synthesized approach than it's predecessor. It covers an array of characteristics that their previous work was built around while taking an unexpected turn down dance-beat lane towards the end of the song, sparking speculation about what direction they are exactly going towards with their music. It could be that they are simply finding their sound, after all -- they are a very new artist. Regardless, Manicanparty has struck gold with their duo of debut singles, and we'll be anxiously waiting to see what their next move will be.

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