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Michal Menert - "Bloodletting"

Michal Menert may seem like an unknown artist to many. But have you heard of Pretty Lights? Menert was the first artist signed to Pretty Lights Music. And for good reason, too. He was a co-producer for Pretty Lights' debut album Taking Up Your Precious Time back in 2006. More recently, Menert has taken off in his solo career. Much of his work is influenced by Pretty Lights' style. However, he likes to incorporate Eastern and Western music into his electronica-driven tracks. Growing up in Poland, it's easy to understand such influences. Fans of Pretty Lights will naturally be fans of Michal Menert. "Bloodletting" is a track off of his newest album Even If It Isn't Right. 

"Bloodletting" is a moderately slow-paced track. The heavily distorted beats and sounds integrated into the song make it a layered wonder whose sounds smooth your eardrums. This tune is pretty dynamic, changing up the overall tone and mood drastically a few times. "Bloodletting" is a tasty roller-coaster that will captivate you to the end. I also urge you to check out the other 26 songs on Even If It Isn't Right. You can thank me later. 

      14 Bloodletting
Download: Michal Menert - Bloodletting




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great 8
great 8
9 years ago

thanks for the heads up, didntknow he released a new album