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Dieter Schaaf - I Am a Child [Album]

Dieter Schaaf, an independent producer hailing from Madison, WI, is making waves with his debut release I Am a Child, written and recorded in a series of college apartments while studying at UW-Madison (home of the vaunted Badgers). Schaff categorizes his music as "pop," and it's tough to argue with that even though it sounds a little vague. This is the kind of genre-bending music that demands a broad description. If we were going to try to be specific it would end up being "dream-hop-electro-indie-rock-house" or something like that. One might even create a new genre called "head-bobbing" music after listening to I Am a Child.

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Download: Dieter Schaaf - I Am a Child

Download: Dieter Schaaf - I Am a Child [Album]

Dreampop · Indie · Pop · Synth


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