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Meeko Cheech - Capricorn Sideways

Standing out amidst the slew of guitar-based band music that a person is subjected to on a daily basis is no easy task. Toronto's Meeko Cheech, however, offers up a rather refreshing sound to the indie rock world. The band's debut release, Capricorn Sideways, is an impressive 6-track work with a mature sound, something that many bands take a number of releases to achieve properly.  

The nonchalance of singer/guitarist Mike Meeko-Cheech compliments the mixing of Capricorn Sideways well; the low volume and droning vocal style allow the nuances of the tracks to shine without cluttering the mix. The subtleties of keyboard accents and guitar effects over the EP are smooth, so much so that the listener may forget how much is actually going on in each of the busy tracks. 

The patterned tones of tracks like "Collateral Apparatus" make Meeko Cheech stand out from the get-go, the opening riff of the aforementioned track sounds almost as though it were programmed on a MIDI map and sent to a sequencer on a synthesizer rather than played on a guitar. "Collateral Apparatus" is the track on Capricorn Sideways that is likely to draw in new ears the strongest, working a multitude of tones with tight guitar work that never feel out of place at any point in the song. Keep your ears open for any new upcoming material from Meeko Cheech (Capricorn Sideways is already a year old), or catch them live in Toronto while they are actively playing shows. 

      Meeko Cheech - Capricorn Sideways - 02 Easy Squeeze
Stream: Meeko Cheech - Easy Squeeze

      Meeko Cheech - Capricorn Sideways - 01 Collateral Apparatus
Stream: Meeko Cheech - Collateral Apparatus

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