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Alligator Indian - Spring I'm In [Album Review]

Most of my daytime includes going to the park down the street. Next to this park is a trail surrounded by giant trees with branches scattered all over the place. One step off the trail and there's a possibly of you getting poked or stabbed. It's basically considered the woods but I call it a safe zone. I go there to sit and stare aimlessly at the nature that is slowly killing me (spring allergies). Usually, I'll bring a brand new album and listen to the entirety amongst the little organisms nearby. Not every album I bring compliments this setting but over the last couple of days, I brought along Spring I'm In and everything felt just perfect.

      Our Love Was A Crime
Stream: Alligator Indian - Our Love Was A Crime

Spring I’m In is the latest release and the first full length album from Asheville chimerical pop band Alligator Indian through Bleeding Gold Records. Behind the hauntingly mythical post-punk melodies of Alligator Indian is a man, Christian Church and a woman, Spooky Bubble. Together, they placed the eleven tracks of Spring I’m In as “surreal pop”. The album opens with a mesmerizing synth in “Our Love Was A Crime” and gravitates to a powerful chorus from both Church and Bubble. The lovely couple orally weaves through the album with supporting woos and oohs while each taking turns displaying their lyrical flow. At times, it is in forms of sultry commands, hazy whispers and even spoken raps. In “Ice & Asteroids”, Church delivers a striking verse where he states, “all day I dream about sex well actually, I mostly just dream about food”. Spring I'm In concludes with Bubble wanting to be a "gnarwal" as the song carries you to an Arctic fantasy of swimming with narwhals. 

From the beginning, I mentioned how I've been listening to Spring I'm In in a sanctuary place. Whether the woods is somewhere you feel the most comfortable in, Alligator Indian is able to soundtrack, permeate and enhance this escapade. Even if you're stationed in your room, relax and let Church and Bubble use their innovative abilities to take you on a "spicy" dream-like journey.

Download: Alligator Indian - Ice & Asteroids

      Dark Fruit
Download: Alligator Indian - Dark Fruit

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