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Austin Brown - "Groove 92"

After introducing you all to the California singer-songwriter/musician and member of the famous Jackson clan, Austin Brown, back in March and posting "Time For Flight" and "City of Angels," Brown is back with another single. Whereas the two previous tracks posted had a distinguishable vintage sound and quality, "Groove 92," released earlier this week as a part of his Music Monday series, has a more contemporary yet equally smooth vibe and an irresistibly catchy hook.

I came up with this idea originally coming home from the beach one afternoon last summer. I grabbed my guitar and started playing and singing the melody which ultimately became the song. I took it to the studio played it for Scott and Tommy and we finished it right on the spot.  -Austin Brown

In addition to Brown's latest offering, be on the lookout for his upcoming album Highway 85, which is tentatively set to be released either late May or early June. Also, pitch in and vote for Austin Brown in Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star contest.

      Austin Brown - Groove 92
Stream: Austin Brown - Groove 92



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Drew Nemer
Drew Nemer
9 years ago


9 years ago

its hard not to love his sound, so jackson.   i would love it though if he tried singing over modern production rather than throwback-ish. maybe do some bass heavy weeknd sound with some motown flavor cuz this song is good but not grooving good