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Katy Perry - "Part of Me" (No Pets Allowed Dubstep Remix)

I'll give it to Katy Perry that she is highly remixable. While I personally don't love all her radio hits, even if she has a rocking body, I am a fan of No Pets Allowed's dubstep remix of "Part of Me." What instantly captured my attention was the smooth melody that emanated from my speakers. Nothing too crazy and all over the place, but with just enough kick to make your sub rumble. No Pets Allowed's remix is more reminiscent of an Adventure Club track rather than a Skrillex track, and for that I applaud him. Of course I'm much more used to NPA's mashups, but hearing this remix gives me confidence that he has a future in original material as well.

      Part of Me(No Pets Allowed Dubstep Remix)
Download: Katy Perry - Part of Me (No Pets Allowed Dubstep Remix)



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