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Astroboter - "Metrokinesis"

Today is a very special day. Not only is it 4/20, it is the day when Astroboter is born. His first album release Astroboter dropped today. I've been keeping a close tab on Astroboter. Literally a one man band, he does all the guitaring, all the effects, all the loops, all the editing, and all the artwork. Ever since my first taste of his music, I've been craving for more. Let me tell you a little something about the name Astroboter.

The story goes as follows. Supposedly, a drunk Polish monk was transcribing a Tibetan scroll. He translated 'staro robota' as astroboter, when in reality it means old work in Polish. Thus, a myth was born, and astroboter turned into a spirit shaped as a robot that has energies of good and evil. Astroboter tells the story and journey of this spirit. Influenced by post-rock, trip hop, and ambient, this is one hell of a journey to embark on. Today, I bring you a chapter of the album called "Metrokinesis." 

The track starts off with ambient, natural sounds. It slowly picks up with a soft loop and simple beats. With soft guitars and electric guitars mixed in, all these components interlaced with one another makes for a unique but extravagant track. There are low points in the song, and there are high-energy periods in the song. I always look for such dynamics in instrumental songs, and Astroboter does not disappoint. 

Play: Astroboter - Metrokinesis

Electronic · Post-Punk


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