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2econd Class Citizen - Outside Your Doorway EP [Exclusive]

2econd Class Citizen announced himself to the music scene with a limited postcard vinyl release of  EP Outside Your Doorway, which is reputed to have sold out in a mere 5 minutes. He is now giving the EP a second run on digital and vinyl as he builds to the release of album The Small Minority set to drop in late May. 

Despite the current scene being saturated with amalgamations of styles and genres, 2CC still manages to make ears stand up and listen. It's dubbed as being a blend of UK hip-hop, folk, and psych with an old school blues feel to some of the tracks. Title track "Outside Your Doorway" reeks of UK hip-hop during the early and mid noughties, while follow up track "Liberated Lady" picks up the tempo and embarks on something that sounds like a 70s rock or funk track re-invented for the modern ear piece. 

Remixes come from Buddy Peace and Dday One, while James Reindeer features his vocals on "Insect Forms." Notable is the last track on the EP, the Know My Sou mix of "Outside Your Doorway," which takes the track down a darker more ethereal path with screamed rock vocals echoing throughout the background of the track. 

 EP gets a full release April 23rd on Equinox Records.


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