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Chill Bump – "Leakin" [Video]

When I introduced y'all to Chill Bump a couple weeks ago, I had no idea how much you were going to enjoy them. So, I'm happy to say I have some more coming at you. Not new music, but a dope new video for track four–"Leakin"–off their most recent EP Back To The Grain. You know their style: French standards mixed with a bit of dub, weird-as-hell (in a good way) vocal samples, and MC Miscellaneous' poignant/dark/funny rhymes.

It's the perfect video for a song like Leakin. A hanging light, a dark room, a shitload of confetti, balloons, streamers (I see some bubbles?), what could go wrong? Enjoy.

      04 Leakin
Download: Chill Bump – Leakin'

Some other favorites from Back To The Grain (March 2012)

      02 No Pressure
Download: Chill Bump – No Pressure

      06 Its Alive
Download: Chill Bump – It's Alive !

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