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Chill Bump - Back To The Grain

France is really cool. They have cool stuff, like Justice, cheese and wine, Sebastian, berets, Breakbot, Vincent Cassel, and existentialism too! Today I add another thing to my overly simplistic things in France are cool list. Chill Bump.

Made up of producer/DJ Bankal & MC Miscellaneous, Chill Bump makes dope hip-hop using old French pop standards, Willy-Wonka samples, and (you get the idea) lots of other interesting things. It's tough to describe, but the just dropped their second EP Back to the Grain yesterday on Bandcamp, so you can go pick it up and have a listen yourself. It's good, trust me. Enjoy.

      06 Its Alive
Download: Chill Bump - It's Alive!

      02 No Pressure
Download: Chill Bump - No Pressure



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