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Siriusmo - Doctor Beak's Rantanplant EP

"On each record there is one song that I still like, the rest - unfortunately - is shit." That's what Siriusmo, aka Moritz Friedrich, said about his releases on several labels like Grand Petrol Recordings, Boysnoize Records and last but not least Monkeytown Records. He's one of those artists who lives his music, and so it goes, the last months since his upcoming album Mosaik and his last compilation called Siriusmo - Pearls & Embarrassments comes out. The curious thing about him, which is concurrently bad, is that his gigs and shows are really rare like the last month's, but he is back with his unique sound. A sound which can't be pigeon-holed. Siriusmo surprises every time and again he did with his three track EP including "Rantanplant," "Doctor Beak," and "Plastic Hips." Which stands for high-quality, complex and unique tracks.

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