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Gramatik - #Digitalfreedom

Currently mid Pretty Lights Music tour with Break Science and about to set out on a new "#digitalfreedom" tour, cities on the card are Boulder, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and San Diego, check out his Facebook for more details, Gramatik and all the Pretty Lights Music crew seem to have embraced the mantra "not touring is boring." 

Gramatik has just dropped his new EP #digitalfreedom which, as well as including a pretty cunning piece of Twitter marketing, is 6 tracks deep and being given away for the price of a donation or completely free. 

 We've come to know Gramatik for his electronic spin on chilled out hip hop beats. For his latest EP he has ripped the template to shreds and embraced a much heavier bass sound. In the process he has made it very very hard to categorise, which is fine by me. Each track comes at you from a different angle, straddling dubstep, heavy rock guitar solos, orchestral strings, hip hop and electro. From a production perspective the sheers depth and diversity within each track is stunning and shows an obvious attention to detail that avoids any kind of bass music formula that works so well nowadays. 

Stream all the tracks and check the links below to download. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1821540" height="200" iframe="true" /]

Dubstep · Electro Hop · Electronic


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