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London Bridges – "Falling"

 If you saw my post from this past Saturday, then you already know London Bridges. As one commenter put it, "Its music like this that melts my mind into crystal clarity." I couldn't have put it better, especially since I'm not big on psychedelics. (Or am just not that good of a writer.)

After dropping the Let It Die remix this past Friday(ish), London Bridges re-released it as a b-side to the new track Falling. More of the same, but in the best way. Pitch shifted vox, lo-fi samples, and a sea-sick post-dubstep beat, and MORE MARIMBAS, THIS GUY AND HIS MARIMBAS. 

Seriously London Bridges, if you're out there, email me.

      01 Falling
Download: London Bridges – Falling

Dubstep · Lo-Fi


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  • I can't believe I missed saturday's post! thank you for the incredible recommendation, I love it.

    great 8 April 10, 2012 5:53 PM Reply

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