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Drake - "HYFR" (Feat. Lil' Wayne)

Two days ago via his VEVO YouTube account, Drake and the Young Money crew dropped the video for what was arguably their hottest leak from Take Care. "HYFR" (Hell Yeah Fuckin' Right) is very loosely based on the storyline that Drake has re-bar mitzvah'd (their words not mine) himself as affirmation of his participation in the Jewish religion. Director X does an incredible job with the video, I'm a sucker for videos that have real world connection to them so I was really feeling this when it started. Lil Wayne doesn't appear in the video until the second verse begins with him and honestly that was the moment I wasn't into the video. Clad in suit shorts, Tyler the Creator-esque socks and a panda ski-mask I absolutely disliked everything about Wayne's performance. Nothing personal Wayne, I literally wasn't feeling any piece of your performance. As for Drake, well done, I loved every minute. Check out the video and decide for yourself: was Wayne's outfit just another testament to his scramble for relevance in this new age of hip-hop or is he expressing his individuality in an awesome way?

P.S. I really like that everyone's dressed up for this wedding including cameos by 40 and Birdman, yet DJ Khaled still feels it appropriate to be wearing a white tee and green sweatshirt, good call Khaled.

Drake - HYFR

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  • Great video. Waynes outfit was weird but he didnt ruin it too much. The cameros were great tho.

    Avatar Nathan Ancrum April 9, 2012 7:59 AM Reply
  • strange mix
    religion bitches and alcool
    is Tyler the new official designer of Weezy with his fake Bape tee?
    don't know what to think of such video...
    I'll just go back to some more listens of Dear Moleskine of Jay Electronica to ease my mind with a J

    Avatar Dana Dane April 9, 2012 6:38 PM Reply

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