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Deep Sea Diver - "You Go Running"

Deep Sea Diver is a Seattle-based indie rock trio, lead by the versitle Jessica Dobson. Dobson made her debut with Atlantic records at the tender age of 19, but both of her solo projects failed to come to fruition. From there she served as the bassist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a guitarist for Beck and The Shins. Now, Dobson has since returned to her own project called "Deep Sea Diver" with husband/drummer Peter Mansen,  John Raines, and Michael Duggan. 

      Deep Sea Diver - You Go Running
Download: Deep Sea Diver - You Go Running

Deep Sea Driver's latest release, You Go Running, gets you on the hook immediately. Dobson's vocals are confident both in their commanding delivery of lines like "watch your lips pulse to the beat of trouble", and in the off mic'd "YEAH!"'s and laugh that can be heard early in the song. She's got plenty  of female-indie-singer-swagger, and the complex beat and bass lines that drive will listeners everywhere impressed and anxious for more.

You can get Deep Sea Diver's full length album "History Speaks" on their band camp page (like below), and if you're lucky you can see them while they're on their current tour (dates on their website).

Also- be aware of the fact that there's a German band by the same name.



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