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Mr Fogg - "A Little Letting Go"

The UK-born electro-pop producer Mr Fogg is back, gracing us with his newest single "A Little Letting Go" from his upcoming album Eleven. The track picks up right where our last encounter, "Stay Out of the Sun," left off, taking us on a delicately soaring adventure. Mr Fogg's penetrating falsetto gently guides the listener through a fragile journey, interjecting moments of optimism and sympathy while making sure the stark reality of everyday life is close by. "A Little Letting Go" is set to be released on May 28th via Kicking Ink/Kompakt, but you can listen and download the track on Mr Fogg's website today.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/41326409" iframe="true" /]

In an attempt to make something new, Mr Fogg disconnected himself from outside influences and spent five months prepping in his Oxford studio for his second album. If the previous two singles are any indicator, Eleven, which is being released later this year, is going to be an enthralling sonic enterprise, deserving a placement on everyone's "watch out for" list.

To accompany the single, Mr Fogg has released the corresponding music video for "A Little Letting Go." The video is a continuation of the "Stay Out of the Sun" video, providing a conclusion to the previous video's cliffhanging ending. If you have not watched the "Stay Out of the Sun" video, I highly recommend viewing it first. The two videos form a sort of mini-drama episode which is almost as captivating as the songs themselves.

Watch the video for "Stay Out of the Sun" here and then view the sequential video for "A Little Letting Go" below.

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