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Fossil Collective - "Let It Go" [Video]

Indie/folk outfit Fossil Collective's new video for "Let It Go" utilizes the same mechanics claymation is built off of, combining a series of photos to make what is, quite literally, a motion picture. Inspired by notorious indie-gamer gem Minecraft and Radio 4's Desert Island discs, the video presents a story "set over two points in the life of Edward and Anne, a couple separated by an ill-fated scarf saving incident. As Edward comes to terms with his situation, he uses ingenuity, determination and patience to reach his goal."

The track strikes home in a way that bands like the High Highs and Fleet Foxes would, and when combined with the paper-cut visuals of the video the work comes to form in a truly remarkable, charming way. "Let It Go" is the headlining track off of the bands debut EP Let It Go, a collection of love-stricken and stubble-driven tracks that form for a solid set. Keep an eye out for these UK natives, they have a strong potential for stardom.

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