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Aerials - "Texas"

Post-rock tracks are usually filled with savory emotional trips and passion. They instigate great imagery and feelings that each person experience differently. No words. And that's how I like it. Aerials is a Swedish alternative/post-rock band with heavy ambient influence. Hot from the press, they deliver their latest, "Texas", to be sent through the airwaves. With a limited number of free downloads, I was lucky enough to swipe one for myself. 

"Texas" opens up with a gentle acoustic guitar strumming along. With the crickets doing their thing and a soft electric guitar in the background, the beginning sets you up with a beautiful, clear night sky. Peaceful. The guitars become more prominent, the drums finally enter and slowly climaxing around the half way point of the song. It rollercoasters like this for the entirety of the song, making those glorious minutes epic.

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