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MAKE BROOKLYN BOUNCE! (Feat. Nicky Da B w/Rusty Lazer and MORE!)(April 5th / 18+)[Brooklyn Event]

EARMILK and DuHeart Presents: MAKE BROOKLYN BOUNCE! The FIRST EVER large scale Louisiana Bounce party held in BUSHWICK! 18 to booty clap, 21 to drink AND booty clap.

Nicky Da B is at the forefront of the unstoppable musical energy that is Louisiana Bounce Music. Younger than his predecessor Big Freedia, Nicky Da B's approach to this already electrified movement is fresh and BASS heavy. His most recent notable collaboration was with the infamous Diplo on the booty-quaking track "Express Yourself". Check out that video below.

EARMILK and DuHeart are bringing the booty clap action to the epicenter of Brooklyn at The Morgan in Bushwick with support from hometown powerhouse DJs RPEG, Dirtyfinger, and Alt Beast. Supporting performances will be served up by House of Ladosha, Shane Shane and Heather Loop. Don't miss out on this one. Booty.


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  • totally not the first ever. all last year and all the year before. Candy Rain keeps shit bouncing. 

    Avatar Calishajenkins April 3, 2012 11:14 AM Reply
  • Hyped for Nicky Da B! I got to play his shows in NYC and New Orleans, prepare to be turnt out! xo -Dirtyfinger

    Avatar Conrad DIRTYFINGER April 3, 2012 5:39 PM Reply
  • Almost worse than pon de floor

    Avatar Bill Frederick April 6, 2012 11:13 AM Reply

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