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Cryda Luv' - Bizoux [EP]

Cryda Luv', known under the pseudonym DJ Puipui, is a French artist born in the early 80s mainly influenced by the french touch movement of the 90s and artists as Daft Punk, Play Paul, Air and Cassius. Cryda Luv' is, before everything, a music project in memory of the French label Crydamoure founded by Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Eric Chédeville alias Rico, the Pumpking Records founder! Cryda has just released a nice first EP called Disko Tok:

Cristophe from Cryda Luv project returns now with a nice new EP, the Bizoux EP (2012 Edition), with 5 French House filtered quality tracks reminding us the good Crydamoure oldies of the 90s for free download here!: Bizoux EP

I wanted to share with you here a bonus free solid French House track for download here:

      Cryda Luv - Sing Sing (Dub from 95 Bonus Mix)
Download: Cryda Luv' - Sing Sing (Dub From 95 Bonus Mix)

Long life to "french touch" music

Electronic · House


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