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T. Gaines - Everything Again [EP]

For fans of lyric based and melody-driven hip-hop T. GainesEverything Again EP will likely fit nicely into your music rotation. Earlier this month the Chicago-based rapper released his debut effort. The eight track EP is quite impressive for a debut release from an unsigned artist. The overall cohesive nature of the EP cannot be overlooked. Regarding the concept of the Everything Again, T. Gaines had this to say:

I’m big on double entendres and double meanings, from the song titles to the lyrics in my songs. I feel like you should be able to take different things from lines, songs, and in this case the title of my debut EP. “Everything Again” means many things to me personally, but on the surface it represents the everlasting cycle of (ups and downs, light and dark, depth and surface) what goes on in life, hip-hop, etc. This relates to the EP and progresses throughout the project

In addition to rapping, Gaines shows off his vocal chops on several tracks on the EP. T. Gaines is in the process of working on his next project which is set for a tentative release sometime in the Fall of 2012. Check out the tracks below and the Everything Again EP which is available for download.

      02- Sit Back
Stream: T.Gaines - Sit Back

      08- Spending Nights
Stream: T.Gaines - Spending Nights

Download: T. Gaines - Everything Again EP




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