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Insightful - "Bagel Mold"

Insightful is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to electronic beats. Grinding out unusual, but fruitful tracks is his chief characteristic. His work is something of a tipping point for me, adding the perfect amount of unusual sounds and chaos to a steadfast, arm-throwing foundation.

Don't know what I'm talking about? I give you Insightful's latest single " Bagel Mold", a track off of the impending album release of Feather'd Son on April 1. The song doesn't bullshit around. Right off the bat, it lays you out by hitting you full force with a complex beat including snare claps and an array of synths and glitches. The track picks up when the heavy buzzing enters the melee. There so many subtle intricacies within the song, it's nearly impossible to describe them all. It's a wonderfully composed track in my opinion, given the challenge to put together the amount of sounds and beats he used to put together something amazing. 

      Bagel Mold
Download: Insightful - Bagel Mold

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9 years ago

Beast. Ok I need to go have some semblance of a Saturday night now