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Sina. - "Must Be My Baby"

Here comes a groovy track ready to boogey its way into your living room. "Must Be My Baby" is the latest tune cranked by Sina. This smooth piece of work will relax your body and mind, and weld it together. You can tell he puts his heart and soul into this track, as it provokes a very specific emotion from you. For one thing, the track is called "Must Be My Baby." You can already get a sense of what vibe you will get. 

Think of it this way, once the song starts, you just feel like getting intimate to the nearest person next to you. To put it simply, the song is so groovy and relaxing, you can make some sweet lovin' to it. There, I said it. The world needs a little more love these days.

      Must Be My Baby
Download: Sina. - Must Be My Baby

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