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Zambri - "Hundred Hearts" [Interview + Track]

New York's industrial pop sisters, Jessica and Cristi Zambri are releasing their debut LP House of Basaa on April 10th through Kanine Records. Yesterday, another single was revealed entitled "Hundred Hearts". The eerie drones in "Hundred Hearts" is everything we appreciate from these sisters. One listen and you'll be humming with the romantic chorus of "I have a hundred hearts for you". Give it a try below. If not already observed,we are avid followers of Zambri. Attached in this thread is a mini interview with Jessica and Cristi before their set at Orando's Orange You Glad. It's a very casual conversation between the girls as they quirkily talk about growing up, cats and their friends with meth. Overall, an easy breezy read.  Enjoy!

      Hundred Hearts
Download: Zambri - Hundred Hearts

EARMILK: Growing up, did you always make music together or did you have separate music projects?
Jessica Zambri: Growing up, we wrote songs on our own but immediately decided to show each other, so it was immediately melted together from the start. 
Cristi Zambri: I mean, we are obviously our own individuals and do separate things. We shared a room so we showed each other everything and worked on everything together.
EM: The truth, are you twin sisters?
CZ: Last time we were but this time, we're not.
JZ: Sometimes, we are. Just kidding, we're not.  I'm a little bit older but it depends on the day and the mood.
EM: The record release show is with Dom. Would you say the music scene in Brooklyn is somewhat weird?
CZ: It's adventurous. It doesn't seem that weird to us being from there. A lot of the time, it seems like a lot of the same stuff is happening.
EM: Are you girls supporters of the local acts there?
JZ: Yeah, definitely. You know, you end up running into the same people all the time and sharing shows. It's a really creative community so it's nice to have familiar faces around.
EM: At one of your shows during CMJ, one of your friends gave me cookies. My question is, if you can pick anything, what would you give to your audience at a show?
CZ: If we could pick anything? Happiness?
JZ: Not a physical thing but inspiration, I guess.
CZ: Can we start this interview over? It's like "we have so many good friends in Brooklyn", cheesy, "we grew up as best friends". We're like the most loving people right now and it's not good for our reputation. Just kidding.
JZ: I'm not sure about something physical. Everyone is into cats right now, maybe cats.
CZ: Oh god, I wouldn't go to that show.
JZ: She's scared of cats.
CZ: Cats are freaky. I wish I had a dog, or a cat dog. The ones that act like dogs. You know, they let your pet them for a long time and walk slowly to you. 
EM: Can you take us through the creative process of your album?
CZ: Yeah, let me think about this myself.
JZ: It was basically how we were as children. One person starting on an idea and the other starting on an idea. Then, we'd share and finish each other's thoughts.
CZ: It's like sharing tapes or something. When you hit record, sing a little melody and send it to her room. We don't live together but it was like how we were growing up. Bouncing stuff back and forth and having endless fun with each other's idea.
EM: How long did it take to make this album?
CZ: Probably not that long if you put the days we worked on it together but it took a long time to finish it. We didn't have the opportunity to focus and get in one place. It was sort of scattered and difficult.
JZ: We might try to do it a different way the next time. It's good to do what you haven't done before.
EM: Is there something in the works right now?
CZ: We're always recording but we have a lot of ideas for a few different albums so we'll see which one flourishes. 
EM: What are your thoughts on SXSW?
CZ: It's kind of weird that every time we go to SXSW, on the drive back, going over the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn and going down Bedford Ave, it's like "oh my god, SXSW is here" because every Brooklyn band from Austin is here. You'll be walking down the streets in Austin and you'll feel like you're walking down the street in Brooklyn.
JZ: Austin has a great energy in that city. I really like it. You should go at least one time, when you can. 
EM: I wish I could remember the guy who gave me cookies at your show.
JZ: Yeah, I wish we could know. Was it Brian?
CZ: What kind of cookies were they? Were they like meth cookies? Because all of our friends do meth so you should be careful.
EM + JZ: Oh no!

Make sure to catch these girls at Glasslands Gallery on April 13th. Click here for tickets to their record release party with Dom.


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