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Scott Holmes - "Ascension"

Fans of post-rock, you can rejoice once more. Scott Holmes has joined the fresh ranks of the post-rock genre to serve you up a platter full of wonderful emotion with an epic jab right into your cheekbone. With the ever-growing genre, I am pleased to still see post-rock bands that churn out sounds that are unique to them and themselves only. 

"Ascension" is an epic 3 minute, 54 second journey. Setting sail with a some guitar picking, the song pushes off with an rumbling drum beat and a slow and subtle crescendo of guitars in the background giving the you a strange sense of emergency and immediacy. The bass lifts the anchor, while a small burst of ambient echoes propel us into the horizon of hope (that's what I feel at least). Though the song basically loops for the rest of the time, its dynamics and elements combined will keep you intrigued and moved until the very end. 

Download: Scott Holmes - Ascension



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