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Silversun Pickups - "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)"

LA indie rock OG's Silversun Pickups have release a new single preempting Dangerbird Record's drop of their third album Neck of the Woods on May 8th. Having been around for almost a decade now (despite being nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy's 3 years ago), their fans have been eager for a new release and from the looks of things, Silversun Pickups are ready to pick up right where they left off.

The track, "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)," brings more of the feedback-y and ambient tone that Silversun Pickups have come to be known for. But there's also an apparent up-swing in electronic sounds, which could be attributed to some sort of keyboard coup or, perhaps, a transformation in sound meant to match the electronic music craze.

You can find "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)" below along with what is undoubtebly the group's signature song, "Lazy Eye."

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/40971202" iframe="true" /]
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/13495831" iframe="true" /]

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