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Violetness - "The Coal" (Sun Glitters Remix) [Premiere]

Chicago's Vanessa Upson goes by the name of Violetness in her bedazzling solo project. Violetness is where Upson expresses her etherealized cries on a soothing, melodic layer of experimental pop. MTV Hive recently premiered Violetness' latest single "The Coal", while LebensStrasse Records released her first EP Last Night In My Dreams, I was Talking To You on March 16th. With three original songs on the EP, there are two remixes from Sun Glitters and Slow Magic. Today, we have the premiere of Sun Glitters' ambient take on "The Coal". Less vocals are mixed here but take a gentle swim with the texturized dream waves.

      The Coal (Sun Glitters Remix)
Download:Violetness - The Coal (Sun Glitters Remix)

Chillwave · Feature · Indie · Pop


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9 years ago

Love it. The breakbeat makes it perfect to sleep to.