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Vacationer - Gone

Today is an exciting day for those of us looking for some up-beat and up-tempo music to get us out of our winter-time hovels. Philadelphia's Vacationer have released their first full length album, entitled Gone, with Downtown Records (which, for the record, is composed in-part by partners Dim Mak, Fool's Gold, and Mad Decent Records) after releasing an EP by the same name last year. The band has made a number of tracks, including the single "Gone", available for streaming (a few of which you can find below).

Vacationer's sound has drawn an eclectic range of comparisons, from Vampire Weekend to the beach boys with a more electro-vibe. But none of that really matters- what matters is that you give Vacationer a listen, because this music seems to be created specifically for spontaneous journeys and hasty decisions.

Electro Pop · Indie · Pop


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