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OnCue - "New Religion" (Prod. Party Supplies & Just Blaze)

OnCue has released yet another freebie to the world, in the shape of "New Religion." Produced by Party Supplies, who is fresh off their release with teammates Action Bronson and Reebok in Blue Chips, and Just Blaze who is notorious for his production with many of Jay-Z and Eminem. Without even hearing this track, it's off to a damn good start, and like always Cuey creates more awesome music. Unlike a ton of hip-hop artists and rappers, OnCue is in a category of his own that really only fits in with hip-hop, with clever lyricism, samples, and Cuey even belts some nice notes on the chorus. OnCue is a huge part of the hip-hop game, you just may not know it right now, as he is on a skyrocket to fame. So check this collective of OnCue, Party Supplies, and Just Blaze out; and as always, enjoy. 

      OnCue - New Religion (prod. Party Supplies%20%20Just Blaze)
Download: OnCue - New Religion

Glitch-Hop · Hip-Hop · Rap


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