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Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – Victor Mixtape

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX go better together then peanut butter and jelly, or at least Youtube comments tell me? The collaboration of rap mixed with heavy bass, especially of the likes that Zeds Dead brings to the table, is something scarce to find. When rap and dubstep do come together, who better to mix them than Zeds Dead and Omar LinX? Fresh off their "Living Dead Tour," this new mixtape shows how Zeds Dead and Omar have been hard at work. If Zeds Dead's recent EP wasn't enough, this will surely bring them to the top of the charts from the sheer rawness of the wobble combined with Omar LinX spitting verses about something other than "hoes" and "money." What really attracted me to this EP is that it features new singles like "No Prayers" and "The One", both of which mix nostalgic 90s-based female vocals with grime and bass. Not only is this EP fresh with new material but it also features some throwback classics like "Rude Boy" and "Out for Blood." Grab the whole mixtape below.

Dubstep · Electronic


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