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Goldie - "Freedom" (Feat Natalie Duncan) [Video]

Goldie is one of the godfathers of drum and bass. That is a fact no one would or should try and dispute. If you went and asked any DJ playing dubstep or DnB nowadays, I can pretty much guarantee you they'd agree. That being said, anyone looking for a wobbly, thug dropping track a la dubstep at 180 bpm should go elsewhere - you will not be digging this one. 

The track is the 100th release on Metalheadz and features the ridiculously good vocal stylings of Natalie Duncan who we will no doubt be seeing a lot more of over the coming year. Style-wise the track is distinctly Goldie-esque and makes me think of Inner City Life released way back in 1994. While the drums may get a little bit repetitive as the track goes on, the live guitar, provided by Louis Riccardi, adds an epic and rocky element to a classically styled out DnB track. 

Drum and Bass · Electronic


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9 years ago

Holy shit.

Headfirst, a trillion miles per hour into the center of the Brostep Galaxy.