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A-Rayz - 5 For a Thousand [Beat Tape]

There's a shit load of beat tapes out there. That's a bad thing and a good thing. Bad when you're sifting through hundreds of Araabmuzik wannabes from trendy art colleges, good when you find artists like A-Rayz. This 18-year-old from Lexington, MA released his first today (5 For a Thousand), stuffed with Chiddy Bang-ish beats, fluttering synths, and trendy samples. I bet at least one song will make it on to your summer of 2012 playlist. Enjoy.

      Climbing Higher Prod. by A-Rayz
Download:A-Rayz - Climbing Higher

      Carpe Diem Prod. by A-Rayz
Download: A-Rayz - Carpe Diem

      Lovers Wishes Prod. by A-Rayz
Download: A-Rayz - Lovers Wishes

Experimental · Hip-Hop


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