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The Sound of Animals Fighting - "My Horse Must Lose"

The Sound of Animals Fighting (TSOAF) is an indie super-group consisting of 12 members, even though I personally like to call it a RX Bandits side project since almost half of TSOAF is from RX Bandits. As you have already noticed from the unusually large number of band members, TSOAF is an extremely unique band. Characterized by the use of unorthodox sounds measures and tempos, TSOAF gained an impressive fan base in a relatively short amount of time (about 5-6 years).

I'll admit, a lot of songs from TSOAF are by no means easy listening. If you are well-immersed in the underground/indie scene and you are a fan of obscure music, this band is for you. "My Horse Must Lose" hits your delicate ears with a haunting, pulsating, and scratchy rhythm. Though inexplicably calm, it is quickly interfered by interjections of another language followed by a distorted bass line. 

Then it gets weird.

In an almost unorganized melee of sounds clashing against one another which lasts for awhile, they level off in an smooth melodic sound that resemble a traditional song, but not so traditional if you know what I mean. In comes a nice, soft spoken singer to complement the unusual, yet euphoric sounds. To top it off, there is a very subtle acoustic guitar in the background, with an occasional violin to add seasoning to the simmering broth of exotic ingredients.

  • 4 dashes of creativity
  • 2 slow roasted helpings of originality
  • 3 1/4 cups of strange
  • 1 table spoon of intrigue
  • 1 extra cup of uniqueness
  • Simmering time: 4 minutes, 22 seconds.

      My Horse Must Lose
Download: The Sound of Animals Fighting - My Horse Must Lose



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