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DJ Pierre - Acid / Jack Da Groove [EP]

Lest we forget - the man who birthed a genre based on a sound that landed here by mistake. Emitted from what is now regarded as basement silverware, the Roland TB-303. A bassline synthesizer that was geared towards lonely guitarists searching for some bassline accompaniment, faux regardless the synth saw a limited amount of praise as only 10,000 units were ever produced in a span of 18 months. That is, until this man managed to get his hands on one and after some dabbling of the knobs DJ Pierre produced the squelch sound that is still heard in many tracks today (awful 40 chart toppers included). Realizing the fruits of his experimentation, he formed the legendary trio Phuture and released "Acid Tracks" giving way to the acid house craze in the late 80s to early 90s. He was a pivotal figure in the development of Chicago house and he sparked the traversing soundtrack of ravers in the millions with just a single machine. Honing a place for his name in Daft Punk's "Teachers", the dancefloor hall of fame.

Yet to put down his analog, DJ Pierre has made some noted appearances as of late with a cameo in Franz & Shape's EP Acid One and a 2011 rework of his nostalgic debute with Green Velvet. March 26th will see the release of a whole slew of acid house originals in his Acid/Jack Da Groove release on BNR TRAX. The sister imprint couldn't be more fitting as the Boysnoize collective has always been keen on tipping its hat towards the old school while framing the sounds of the future. The EP kicks off in defiling fashion, as a 303 train voyages through waves of audio perversion and resonant molestation. Without a doubt Pierre's ACiD FACE Mix takes the 4am body on a ride, and point your finger at the seductive simplicity. An attribute throughout this entire release, the stripped raw elements of each track shine with catharsis. The B-side is a gloss of fond memories with vocals commanding you to "jack" while the breakdown voices equality and a sense of community, something missing in the current stream of dance culture. The entire work is more than just an audible monument, it is proof that the bantering of this casted piece of hardware is eternal and making a flourishing resurgence.

(BNRTRAX013) BNR TRAX: DJ Pierre - Acid / Jack Da Groove EP (out March 26th)

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