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Home Brew - "Fuck"

Home Brew, who? A Hip-Hop trio from Auckland, New Zealand and whilst their music has scarcely seen light outside of this country of 4 million they can often be regarded as the backbone of the underground scene here. They've been active since the group's birth and has hosted free shows and give their music away to keep their dedicated fan base happy.

"Fuck" is a jab to the commercialization of most all popular media outlets. Although there are some references that only Kiwi's will chuckle at you cannot deny this song's soothing sound, it's so smooth that you can forget that in between the light keys, claps & snares that there are direct attacks laced into them. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/39698235"]



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9 years ago

FINALLY! as a new zealander, i've had times where i've thought about submitting a homebrew song to earmilk. god i love homebrew.
Also, the main guy from homebrew (not sure of his name) has also got a few tracks of his own, his artist name is '@peace' .. just search it on youtube. pretty mean.