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Half and Half Presents: Lotus Plaza

I havent listened to a song with an IRL guitar being played in it for so long. Okay, okay, rap has long been my main forte, and electronic music crept up into my most-played list over the past four years. But, I do know my away around a song 'that has guitar in it', and Lotus Plaza's (Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt) first single 'Strangers' off his sophomore LP, is wooing me back over to guitar land. With a simple chord progression, and the slacker rock vibes that I can't help but compare to Pavement (please note personal Pavement obsession bias. I mean, Gold Soundz, bro?!). Really excited for this record, and it is actually getting warm up here in Toronto, so bring on the summer records. Check out the song below:

      Lotus Plaza Strangers
Download: Lotus Plaza's - Spooky Action at a Distance

Lotus Plaza's Spooky Action at a Distance is out  on April 4th, via Kranky

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