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Helix - "Drum Track"

I first heard "Drum Track" on Rinse FM. It was a Night Slugs session circa Fall 2011. I admittedly didn't think much of it the first time I heard it, but it was the kind of track the was stuck in my head, with the same loop ringing in my ears until I found myself back on the internet trying to find a radio rip. Fast forward to the present and you have probably noticed a white label Night Slugs release from Helix floating around the pre-order area on the usual online record outlets. If you haven't connected the dots yet, Drum Track is being released on the highly regarded Night Slugs White Label and joining the ranks of many other successful releases.

Helix captures an organic and chaotic sound with fast paced drums and sweeping pad hits that left me with a peculiarly nostalgic feeling listening to the whole track. The flip is the same instrumental, dubbed the "No Hook No BS" version, with vocals from grime veteran Flirta D. With bars that are nothing short of poetic from Flirta D, there's certainly something for everyone on this 12". Rumored to be released on 12 March 2012 initially, most online record outlets aren't shipping for another week and a half or so, so keep your eyes peeled.



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