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Pearson Sound - Untitled / Footloose

I was in a bit of shock when I saw that a new Pearson Sound release was on the horizon. Two tracks that have scarcely been played since the famous Hessle Audio takeover at Boiler Room are already on the shelves. The two track release, Untitled / Footloose, will feature the respective tracks on either side running at 45 rpm. Interestingly, it seems that Untitled / Footloose is not being released through Hessle Audio but instead a new independent record label appropriately named Pearson Sound. It is still unclear whether or not this release is white label or in limited stock. "Untitled" and "Footloose" are everything you expect from a Pearson Sound track, with all the tight percussion and warm bass that made him famous to begin with. If you haven't heard the tracks before, head over to Surus to preview them. There's also a good old fashion YouTube set rip of "Footloose" below.

Peculiarly, "Untitled" is the only track available for digital download, so it looks like you are going to have to own a record player or be really creative to hear "Footloose". At the moment, it seems that Untitled / Footloose is being exclusively distributed on Surus. I imagine that the 12" will sell out as fast as it hit the internet, so grab your copy from Surus to avoid inflated costs from Discogs scalpers.

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