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What to think of Jots?  He's a 20-something, white, Odd Future-ish rapper out of Providence who lists Wu Tang, J Dilla, & Newcastle Ale as his primary musical influences. I don't really hear it. Well, except the Newcastle.

His debut release Wasted Youth (Sep. 2011), is filled with the type of vocal-clipping, lo-fi rap that makes OF mixtapes so much fun to listen to. The brand he's built around himself is similar as well, all songs in all caps, the supreme font galore, and an incredibly well put together tumblr page (jotshatesyou). So what to think of Jots? Yea he might be cashing in on this trend, but he's really dope. Really. He just released the track "BUGGIN'" today (March 10th), and I couldn't be more excited for what he has in store. It's got old movie samples, funny lyrics ("Took a water bottle and made a bong with my only pencil"), and lo-fi production/vocal clipping, so yea he might be exaggerating how hard he goes, but it's still fun to listen. Enjoy.

Download: Jots - BUGGIN'

audio:http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2012-03/05 DEARNEWENGLAND (FUCK YOU)2.mp3"]Download: Jots - DEARNEWENGLAND (FUCK YOU!)

Download: Jots - ALREADYINHELL

Download: Jots - SOME EMO BULLSHIT

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9 years ago

The sound behind Buggin is a classic thanks to Madlib, but Jots just rapped on it like Freddie Gibbs, nothing new!