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Rusconi - Revolution [New Release]

I thought I knew shit about jazz when I started at Oberlin this fall, but hanging out with conservatory students and having a jazz bassist roommate has taught me one thing. There's always someone who's heard it before you. I think I'm the first to hear this though. About a week ago, three improv musicians from Zurich (Rusconi) released Revolution. It's a great collection of jazz and pop songs that (in my opinion) showcase their incredibly talented double bassist Fabian Gisler (a huge fan of both the Dead Kennedys + Miles Davis).

It's great music for studying, waking up to, or maybe just for showing off to your friends. Look at how cool I am, I like improv and jazzy stuff! Seriously though, enjoy.

      01 Tempelhof
Download: RUSCONI - Tempelhof

      02 Milk
Download: RUSCONI - Milk

      06 Kaonashi
Download: RUSCONI - Kaonashi



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