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Dark Tantrums - "Unborn" / "Storm"

Apart from one collaborative release with established dubstep producer Kromestar, entitled "Trianglez", fellow London denizen Dark Tantrums is a fresh face in the dubstep scene. Forthcoming on Mala's legendary DEEP MEDi MUSIK label, "Unborn" / "Storms" is the man's first solo release, displaying somewhat brazen contrast against the dancefloor oriented wobbles of "Trianglez". Instead, he shows off a more mature, introspective side to his productions, a vibe that no doubt fits very well with the deeper disposition of DEEP MEDi.



      Dark Tantrums - Unborn
Stream: Dark Tantrums - Unborn

The inscription on the test press of the A-side track, "Unborn", bearing the words "For My Boy Riley 15/08/11", along with the fact that this track first came into the public eye in Mala's XLR8R mix back in May of 2011, leads me to believe that this was written as an ode to his then unborn child. The vibe of this track certainly fits this dedication. Radiant, glowing synths deliver dreamy, contemplative melodies, all on top of the usual healthy serving of sub-bass one would expect from a DEEP MEDi signee. One thing is certain: this child will have quite something to listen to once at an age where they can truly appreciate this work.

      Dark Tantrums - Storm
Stream: Dark Tantrums - Storm

The flipside, "Storm", is undeniably resemblant to Skream's "Filth", but far from what one would call a knock-off. It's a distinct departure from the gentler A-side, replacing the lighter, more deliberate elements with a relentless bassline that creeps up throughout every measure, time and time again. Combine this with the brazen, in-your-face kicks and snares, and you've got a stomper that's ideal for dance floor. Despite it's heavier tendencies, it still lets on a hint of delicacy, proving that it's more than just something to just party to.

"Unborn" / "Storms" comes out March 5th.

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