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Bobby Champs - Moonlight [EP]

No one quite knows who Bobby Champs is, but his debute EP on Pictures is sure to toss his name amongst the wave of rich sounds channeling in from the UK. For all we know, he could be forgotten tomorrow and washed up on shore, but being raised in some shallow hole between Essex and Brighton has given him a unique blend of influences that come to a head in a studio environment. Think techno with its formulas thrown out the door. Sharp FM dripping with traces of acid in Roland hardware but the switch lies down below. There's violence in the percussion, and tracks like "Moonlight" run lines reminiscent of warehouse dwellers Joy O and Boddika while "Lucid" could be cut to fit as an eerie juke edit given the right fingers. The latter adds an edge to the work as a whole and the track's synth assault is sure to breach stereo red lines if piloted by the wrong hands. And to tie it up with a clichéd but tried warning from the dancefloor inspectors at Boiler Room, "It’s time to register where your nearest fire extinguisher is, because this shit is blazing."

(PICT010) Pictures Music: Bobby Champs - Moonlight EP

Bass · Dance · Garage · Techno


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