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The Drums "Days" [Video]

Brooklyn-based indie three piece, The Drums, have just released a lo-fi, black and white video for their forthcoming single “Days”, the third single to be lifted from last year’s “Portamento” LP. Drawing from a softer, bruised strain of their trademark surf-rock inspired sonic signature, the “Days” video matches frontman Jonny Pierce’s ode to missed opportunities and change with a flickering clip that follows the main character’s transformation from man to heavily made up woman.

Speaking about the single, Johnny Pierce goes on to explain:

“The song is about that moment when you realize that you are someone different from what you once were. Different needs, different desires. Different hopes and fears. We were lucky enough to have a special guest in our video who is a dear friend and a radiant symbol of being true to who you know you are and moving away from a dark past.”

“Days” drops on February 27 with a new B-side, “I Don’t Want To Go Alone”.

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Kyle Phelps
9 years ago

very retro.. i like:)