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Half and Half Presents: John Foxx

John Foxx, is a music guy who has been around for, literally, decades, and probably (being presumptuous here) the majority of you have never heard of. I like to think of him as being your favorite fringe artist's, favorite artist. Starting in the 70s, with shortly lived glam rock band, Tiger Lily, would eventually spawn the successful British new wave band, Ultravox. Whatever -- check them out, they are both cool, and old, and retro, and hold their place in the musical cultural zeitgeist. But what is important to note here, is that he is still making really great music. His latest project, John Fox and The Maths, released the synth drenched  Interplay, last year, to great critical reception.

Here's a track from that latest project. Yes, this track is Internet-old, but it deserves a wider audience. This could have literally been released in 1982, synths and all. Check it out:

      John Foxx%20%20the Maths_Evergreen
Download: John Foxx & the Maths - Evergreen

(Also, there is a great Matthew Dear remix that has been released exclusively for Fact Mag, that you should hear, but they are not allowing embedding. While I could very easily have ripped it and uploaded it, I chose not to, 'cos I respect ya' process. But please, when you guys (John Foxx and Fact Mag) are ready for a more wide spread release, let me know.) 


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